5 Ways To Stay On Track During The Holidays 

The Holidays (no matter what you celebrate) are usually a time of parties, get togethers, and food…most of which could totally ruin the progress you’ve been making in your health journey!

Well I’ve got a few tips for you to avoid the Holiday weight gain!
1. Choose your FAVORITE item and have a small portion of just that! No need to snack and binge on everything-especially the ones that aren’t your favorites. Just choose ONE!
2. Have an accountability partner, whether it be a friend or family member, a health coach, whoever, that you can text or message when the temptations are coming in strong. They can help remind you why you don’t want those foods and what you are working towards!! (If you need someone to be that for you I’d be happy to ? just leave a comment of message me on Facebook! )
3. Take your own healthy snacks with you! You can grab some veggies or a smoothie (homemade with no sugary junk of course!) or a protein powder packet and your shaker bottle! There are lots of options! 
4. Fill up on healthy foods before you go! If you eat before you go out you’ll be less likely to binge on all the unhealthy items. Just make sure you’re filling up on good nutrient dense foods before hand! 
5. If it’s a potluck type get together, take some healthy options to share with others! That way you will have what you need and can show others that healthy eating isn’t really all that bad!!
I’d like to hear your tips! Leave a comment below! 

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