A Change

Since becoming pregnant I haven’t been drinking Shakeology. As much as I LOVE my ShakeO, it’s just not for me while preggo. Which is ok, because anything is worth not having to have another little baby! I will continue to be a Beachbody Coach and have challenge groups, and answer any questions about anything related. I will pick back up with the ShakeO after little baby is born.

If you would like to see what 100 Doctors have to say about Shakeology watch this video

I’m also shifting my workout routine a bit as I have SPD (symphysis pubis dysfunction) and certain exercises exacerbate the issue or are just plain uncomfortable. I’m excited to find pregnancy workouts to share with you all though, and PLEASE if you have any YOU recommend please share! Right now I am doing Beth Learn’s Fit2B (I also have Diastasis Recti so it’s perfect for right now, but I would like some other options). <~~if you have any questions about that feel free to ask as well. ( I am not affiliated with Fit2b at all, just love their stuff).

This is such an exciting time in my families life and I hope you will follow along!

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