A Deal Too Good

If you are a blogger or want to become a blogger then here is a deal you do NOT want to pass up!

This deal comes to you from Blogelina. She is amazing! I have followed her and used so many of her resources from the beginning and I can not say enough good about what she does.

Right now she is offering a crazy good Mother’s Day deal. More like it’s a steal. A whole bundle of books for FREE. Yep. FREE.


What You’ll Get From This Bundle

31daystomoneymakingblogcover–> 31 Days To A Money-Making Blog: A Step-by-Step Action Guide To Creating Your Own Profitable Blog (normally $14.95)

Daily information and tasks about every step of setting up a successful blog.  This e-books talks about everything from working with WordPress to building your traffic to writing great content for your blog!  Plus, it’s chock full of ideas for making money with your blog – the right way!

21waystofindfreshblogpostideas–> 21 Ways To Come Up With Fresh Blog Post Ideas: Never Be Stuck Not Knowing What To Write Again! (normally $5.95)

With these ideas, you won’t get stuck on what to write about on your blog!  Find ideas for knowing what your readers really want to know – and how to write posts that really connect with your readers!

15dayemailcover–> 15 Day Email List-Building Challenge: How To Build Your Email List (normally $5.95)

Once of the best ways to make money with a blog is through a successful email list.  The pro’s will tell you that your email list – and building it as soon as possible – can be the key to a blog that makes a good income over one that doesn’t.  The E-book breaks down each and every step of the process – from writing your welcome email to attracting new subscribers to your list!

SimpleSEOActionGuidecover–> Increase Traffic & Grow Your Blog: A Simple SEO Action Plan! (normally $5.95)

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and ranking well in the search engines can be one of the most overwhelming and confusing things that a blogger faces.  With this e-book, though, you get real information about easy ways that you can help your blog rank higher with the search engines and get that valuable traffic to your blog!

21waystogetthingsdonecover–> 21 Ways To Get Things Done: You CAN Have More Hours In Your Day! (normally $5.95)

Take control of your time, tasks, and priorities – And accomplish more than you ever thought possible with these 21 Tips & Tricks!  If you’re looking for some simple ways to use your time more productively – and some specific tips for working & blogging from home, this e-book delivers just that!

100+ Freebies Cover–> 100+ Free Tools For Bloggers: Be More Productive Without Spending A Dime! (normally $4.95)

Check out just SOME of the resources included in this resource list:

  • Organization Tools
  • Promotional Tools
  • Social Media Tools
  • Financial Tools
  • Graphics Design Tools
  • …and More!

75 Survival Tips For–> 75 Survival Tips For Bloggers: From Promoting Your Blog To Time Management, This Guide Has It All! (normally $4.95)

One of the biggest complaints that we hear from bloggers is – “I just don’t have the time to get it all done!”  This e-book walks you through how to make the most of your blogging time – and get things done on your blog so you really see results!

BONUS – 30 Freebie Email List Opt-In Freebie Ideas: Grow Your List For Real!

BONUS – 25 MORE Ways To Grow Your Email List!

BONUS – WordPress Blog Set-Up Made Easy!

BONUS – Boost Your Blog’s SEO: A Quick Tips Sheet!


I grabbed mine! Now go grab yours, it won’t be here for long!

Everything You Need To Build A Successful Blog


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