A Letter On Your Birthday

Oh beautiful ballerina. Today, you turn 6. SIX! You are such an amazing girl. So kind and loving. You have such a big heart, always willing to help. Always giving.

The way you love. So open. Unconditionally. Whole heartedly. The world could learn a few things from you.

Strong willed. It’s a blessing babe and don’t let anyone tell you different! (Hmm did you maybe get that from me? Lol) seriously though.. Own it. Use it.

A love for learning and teaching. You love to teach the boys new things and they love to learn from you! And you love to learn new things! Especially relating to animals. Own this too kid.

ALWAYS giving. Seriously kid, I don’t know ANYONE who has ever, or will ever, give as much as you do. Gifts, paintings, things you own but others may need/want. You will touch so many people’s lives, my dear, with such a giving heart.

So full of life and joy. And ALL girl, with a little rough and tumble sprinkled in there ☺️

My darling daughter. I love everything about you! I’m so proud of you and all that you are, my girl.

Happy 6th Birthday

Your Mama

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