A Lovely Small Business

This month I want to highlight an amazing small business I recently found.

When I joined MOPS I found out about this amazing woman, Stefanie, who runs her own business called Abby Maddy Designs. Cute name right?

She makes the most beautiful, high quality items. The most recent items I have bought from Abby Maddy are these gorgeous headbands! I absolutely love everything about them. They are so light, comfortable, soft, and have adorable colors/prints. Princess loves them too as you can see below.


Another item of hers that I love are her key fobs! They are cute and so functional. These also come in some great prints.


Abby Maddy Designs is in the process of releasing some great new spring items like the headbands, clutches, totes, tablet cases, and so much more!

She also offers Sewing Workshops for those that want to learn to sew. I personally haven’t had the chance to do one of these. These are for locals only. Even though I already know the basics of sewing I know she would have a lot of tips and pointers for me, so I would love to do a workshop in the future.

You can find Abby Maddy Designs at the following places
On Facebook

I promise you, this is one you will fall in love with. She is very skilled at what she does and you will know that all of her items are made with great care and a love for making beautiful things.

P.s. Maybe I’ll do a giveaway soon 😉


Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with the above company in any way. I did not receive any compensation of any kind. The above post is done of my own free will because I like the company. 


  1. momssmallvictories says:

    I love reviews done just because you love the business! They are adorable headbands and love that you are supporting local businesses.

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