Appointments, Appointments, Appointments

Monday’s appointment went well! I had a non-stress test (where they hook you up to the fetal monitor and record the baby’s heartbeat for a period of time.) and it was fun to sit and listen to his heartbeat and feel him kick at the monitors. I couldn’t do anything else because I had to actually hold the monitor in place because he kept kicking it or rolling near it and making it flip, HAHA! The Dr. said baby boy looks awesome! Thank God 🙂

She looked over my blood sugar numbers and since I have been able to get my fasting glucose numbers down and I have no issues with my other numbers she said she doesn’t want me to start the meds yet! Another THANK GOD! Whew, this really made me feel a lot better and I’m feeling like I can actually handle this and do this over the next 4+ weeks. I will continue to have the additional monitoring though, since I am now considered high risk with the gestational diabetes. This means appointments every Monday and Thursday. Monday’s will be non-stress tests and Thursday’s will be regular OB appointments. I will most likely start doing a weekly post every Friday for updates.  I do have a nutritionist appointment this Friday also but I don’t know that I will continue to have those weekly. I hope not, a 30 minute drive (one way) 3x a week would be killer on my gas tank. I can handle 2 because I know these are very important to make sure baby boy is healthy. That’s all I really care about is him being healthy and me being healthy for him and my other kiddos. I just feel the nutritionist appointments could easily be done by email or over the phone.

On another note, my baby shower is this weekend! Yay! I’m so excited to be spending time with some good friends and family!

Please continue to pray I am able to control this with diet and exercise. Also we are still fixing our house from where our basement flooded, my hubby is working so hard to fix it before baby comes! I really need to do the inside of the house (cleaning, organizing, setting up, etc.) pray we are able to do what we need to do and no more sickness or setbacks will happen! Thanks loves!

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