Baby #3 Birth Story

It had been a busy Monday. I had even gone full blown grocery shopping, which never happened on a Monday. And normally I wasn’t the one doing the shopping. I was just getting too tired at this point. But today I needed out of the house..alone.

I’d been having contractions off and on for a couple days. Never regular and a majority of the time I didn’t even notice them. That’s how all of my labors have been up until my water would break. So I wasn’t particularly concerned.

So the evening went on as normal and we put the kids to bed pretty easily. After a while i came downstairs and noticed I was leaking *something*. I knew it was probably my water breaking but with my other 2 it gushed. So I just kept telling hubby I think it might just be pee from baby boy being so low and on my bladder. I still wasn’t having any regular contractions. I called my awesome sister and asked her opinion. She of course laughed and said “you know is your water and you’re in labor hah”. So I called my mom and told her I could need her that night. The plan was to stay at home as long as possible. I went ahead and called my dr as well and they said I could wait or just go in, either way at this point. So of course I waited in the comfort of my own home.

About 3 hours later I decided it was time to go ahead and go. By this time Princess had woken up and I had her sleeping on the couch next to me while I had been resting. I woke her up and told her Grandma was there and we were going to have the baby. She was excited in all her sleepiness, probably more so because grandma was there 😉

We arrived at the hospital a little after midnight. About 4 1/2 hours after I noticed leakage. The nurse checked me in and told me to go to the restroom and get my oh-so-lovely gown on. I kept telling them “I know I should know whether or not my water broke since this is my 3rd, but it’s just not like the others.” They would laugh with me and say well we will find out.

Well when I went to change. Yah. It gushed. A lot. Like I had experienced with Princess and Wonderboy. I kept trying to clean it off the bathroom floor and my feet and flip flops. I didn’t want to walk out of the bathroom and slip! It just kept gushing so I finally gave up. And left a nice trail of fluid from the bathroom to the bed…

I just didn’t realize how much fluid! When the nurse came in and I told her I was positive about it now and she came over to the bed…and stepped in a big puddle of water. “I told you”, was all I could say and we both laughed.

At this point they went ahead and hooked me to the monitors and got all my info. My contractions were 5-7 minutes apart and I was about 4cm dilated. They grew stronger and closer over the next couple hours. I had planned on waiting as long as possible to get the epidural (getting one so went against all the hippiness in me but..well..yeah. I actually argued with myself about it!) but I was progessing pretty quick so I went ahead and got it. Stupid me.. Ugh I’m so frustrated with myself about it now. It made me stall. Seriously?!

After a while I still wasn’t progressing and my contractions were actually getting further apart instead of closer. I was nervous they’d go for a c section soon if it didn’t speed back up, partially because of my water being broke already and also because of the Gestational Diabetes. So I went ahead and let them give me a little pitocin.

As much as I didn’t want it, it worked. Contractions picked up they prepped the room. They left for a bit and when they came back I told them I needed to push. After just a few pushes my handsome little man was here, and perfect. All 7lbs 14oz and 20.5 inches of him.



Praise God! I was so happy. Was it how I really wanted it to go? No. Was it a good birth experience anyways? Absolutely.

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