Be You, Bravely

Be You, Bravely. This is our MOPS theme this year. Since we found this out, I’ve been trying to figure out what my “bravely” is. Is it that I joined leadership this year? Is it me opening myself up to having female friends, when that has always been very hard for me? Could it be that I need to be brave for friends or family members who are going through difficult times? Is it that I will have to stand for what I believe in no matter the consequences? Is it that I am schooling my child this year and I don’t want to fail her? Or is it any (or many) of the other million scenarios I could think up?

Why do I even want to know now why I need to be brave? Just enjoy the ride until I get there. Taking every opportunity to be brave, not just looking for scary situations where I may need to be brave. Taking risks, putting myself out there, finding new friends who share the commonality of this exhausting, rewarding, journey called motherhood.

I may not know why I’m learning to be brave and what for. I do know, however, that it will never happen without God. I can NOT be brave unless I call upon God to give me courage, to hold my hand and walk with me. I need to talk and walk with him every second of every day, to be brave.

I never want to be the cowardly lion. I want to be FREE, live wildly, live audaciously. I want to feel raw emotion, good and bad. I want to seep with joy, so much so that it just ignites others. I want to write without caution or fear of what others may “see” when they read my blog. I want to let others see where I’m struggling (because I’m learning they are struggling there too and we can lean on each other). I want to be a prayer warrior, like my mother.

Life takes bravery. Not just one event, or circumstance, but all of life. Every choice we make calls us to be brave, to forget past failures/hurts and to stop worrying about the future. And everyone’s bravery will be different. Being brave will be difficult sometimes but with God all things are possible.


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