Benefits Of Handmade Goat Milk Soap

I am excited to have Stephenie from Cypress Scents guest posting today! She will be sharing about her handmade goat milk soap. This post was originally posted on her blog over at Cypress Scents. 


When most people think of hand made soap they picture those clear
melt-and-pour bars in odd shapes or with random wedges of color suspended
in them or their grandma’s bars of lye soap (if you are of a certain).
Cypress Scents hand made goat’s milk soap is not your grandma’s soap!
Cypress Scents is all that hand made soap should be –

• Cold Processed
• All or almost all natural ingredients-“…about half of it is all natural
and chemical free, the other half is ALMOST all natural. It only contains
fragrances that are phthalate free and most colorants are naturally
• Contains ZERO preservatives and/or unpronounceable chemicals (look at
your soap ingredients..can you pronounce them?)
• Made on a real, working goat farm with farm fresh (or fresh frozen)
goat’s milk

While you may have heard of folks drinking goat’s milk you may be new to
hearing it touted as an ingredient for soap! Be not dismayed for you too,
will soon be shouting its benefits from the rooftops!

goat milk soap

Long known for being naturally homogenized you may not be aware that since
it is emollient-rich it is also intrinsically moisturizing and it does so
without harmful chemicals that “claim” to be moisturizing.

Because goat’s milk is rich in emollients and vitamins in its natural state
it is healthier for your skin than ‘soaps’ made by adding missing
ingredients in with a water based soap. It is widely held that skin is the
largest organ “in” the body and as such it does much more than just cover
our bodies. It is protection from not only the sun but also from some
really nasty infections.

Skin is naturally oily to a degree that your skin is protected by a
(generally) very thin layer of acidic oils that keep out most of the trash
that the world throws at us. Without this feature our skin could get
infected by something as small as a grain of sand. The problem is some
people think that because they have oily skin, they should use a harsh
chemical to strip their skin of these oils. Not so!

When you strip the skin of these natural oils your skin makes more oil, not
less, in an attempt to repair what it sees as damage. This causes a
never-ending cycle. It is important that you let your skin do its job and
the best way to do that is by using a gentle cleansing SOAP – not a
detergent – that as naturally as possible lifts away dead skin cells, dirt,
grime, and that surface oil while moisturizing the skin with naturally
occurring glycerin. Hence allowing your skin to naturally moisturize
itself, the way nature intended.

**Love love LOVE these soaps!!!! They make my skin so soft and they all
smell incredible. I love all the natural ingredients, too. –JJ**

You may have noticed the emphasis on the word “soap” as well as the
reference to “detergent” above. What most people are unaware of is that
commercial products commonly referred to as soaps are actually detergents.
In case you were wondering, a detergent is defined as:

any of a group of synthetic, organic, liquid or water-soluble cleaning
agents that, unlike soap, are not prepared from fats and oils, are not
inactivated by hard water, and have wetting-agent and emulsifying-agent

I don’t know about you but that sounds like the very last thing I want to
shower with everyday! Add to that the fact that the vast majority also
contain sodium lauryl sulfate which is a known carcinogen and I certainly
don’t need that mess!

How often have you used a commercial moisturizing soap and felt like you
wasted a lake getting rid of the slick feeling it left? Or the opposite
extreme… finished a shower and felt like you should slather an inch or so
of lotion to get normal feeling skin again? When you finish your shower or
bath you can absolutely feel squeaky clean without your skin feeling

**These soaps have a super thick; rich lather and will envelope you with an
opulent scent. They rinse clean but leave your skin moisturized and silky
without the slick feeling left by most commercial soaps.
Thank you for these amazing products – ENL**

I mentioned “cold-processed” above also. The cold-process of soap making
involves a process called saponification. The simple definition of
saponification is rather boring: “to convert (a fat) into soap by treating
with an alkali…” The process is much more interesting than it would seem
at first glance. Due to the unique mixtures and their additions during
mixing, they begin to thicken. When mixing and pouring soaps, time is
critical as you can see in any of the soaping videos posted at, inevitably one or more of the soap
colors thicken too much by the end of the pouring and Stephenie is racing
to finish!


Also during the saponification process naturally occurring glycerin is
formed which many companies remove and sell separately to be used in other
products. This is left in the soaps Cypress Scents handcrafts.

Among the benefits of cold-processed soap is that none of the nutrients in
the goat’s milk are heated out; leaving them at full concentration in the
finished product. These soaps will leave your skin feeling nourished and
supple from the first use and the more you use it, the better your skin
feels and looks!

**Not only do I love them but my 10 yr old granddaughters love them. They
say they make their skin feel smooth plus they love how they smell. –

The rich colors in some of Cypress Scents Goat’s Milk Soap are achieved
through naturally derived colorants. These colorants reflect the values
that are held dear to Cypress Scents. While some of Cypress Scents
offerings contain pthalate free perfumes instead of essential oils, Cypress
Scents remains dedicated to keeping as much of our soap as possible all
natural and uses only quality ingredients to craft the finest products.
From the farm to you, the Cypress Scents products are sure to be fresh,
fun, and fabulous!

Pearberry goat milk soap

**The lather these soaps make is so luxurious!! I feel pampered using
them! I love Cypress Scent’s Products – keep ’em coming!

While lye is used in making these hand crafted, artisan soaps by the time
you receive your order the lye is rendered out through the saponification
and curing process. You receive a lye-free bar of soft-as-silk soap that
makes your skin feel the same!

You will notice a distinct difference between commercial soaps and the bars
you receive from Cypress scents. First, the feel is richer and more
organic… it almost feels like a supple piece of leather – not slick and
slippery. The scent of the scented soaps will envelop you with a soft,
fragrant cloud that is subtle without being shy and bold without being
cloying. The scent lingers throughout your day leaving you feeling clean
and fresh without it being overpowering. The luxurious lather cleans gently
but thoroughly and the bars last well when allowed to dry between uses.

**I love the facial cleansing bar! Gentle but effective enough to rid
your pores of the daily grime. It leaves my face feeling clean and baby
soft. – MRB**

activated charcoal salt soap

One of the most asked questions or perhaps I should say – hesitations
people have – about a new soap has to do with allergies. A lot of people
are allergic to a lot of ‘soaps.’ While we can never and would never
guarantee ANY outcome, the majority of the time the allergy is actually to
the preservatives in “soap.” Because Cypress Scents soaps never have
preservatives this reduces the risk of allergic reaction. Many people that
are unable to use traditional “soap” due to skin reactions are able to use
Cypress Scents soap with no problems. Again, we cannot guarantee a result.
Cypress Scents also has “Naked” for those who are sensitive to scents.

**Love my soap! Ordered some as Christmas gifts, everyone loved them,
including me! I kept one for myself! It’s so gentle, and smells scrumptious
❤ ❤ ❤ – Sherry**

While there is ample scientific data regarding the benefits of ingesting
goat’s milk there have been no known such studies of the utilization of
goat’s milk soaps. Be that as it may, there are plenty of sites that will
claim all sorts of benefits to its use. Cypress Scents make no claims about
miraculous properties the soap may contain. What Cypress Scents does claim
is that if you are looking for a relatively natural soap that gets you
clean, does not strip your skin, and does not coat you in a film of
‘moisture’ the Cypress Scents line of Goat’s Milk Soap is what you need in
your life!

**My oldest has severe eczema, since using Stephenie’s soaps Addison’s
eczema is significantly better.
I suffer from PCOS and would have outbreaks of adult acne randomly. I have
not had ONE pimple since using the facial bars. I use only the facial bars
and coconut oil on my face my complexion is smoother and even the slight
scars I had prior have lightened.
The scents are incredible, they linger all day and I leave a bar for
guests. I get compliments from everyone including the FRIDGE guy! I made a
larger purchase this month so I could give some to my mother and sister and
they love it too!
I’m happy to provide before and after pictures of both acne and eczema! –
Kim C.**

If you haven’t yet read my review of  Stephenie’s products head here to do that and find the coupon code to save on any of her products!

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