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I recently joined a team of reviewers called Mosaic Reviews Team and this is our very first review! I’m so excited about being on this team and bringing you all some great info!
Now, I’m quite UNorganized, but I long to be organized. Everything in me wants to be organized and have everything in its place. I am constantly losing everything, and never remembering anything. I’ve been trying to work on these things quite a bit lately. If you went through my kindle right now, you would see oh… a gajillion books on how to be organized. I’ve been working on organizing all aspects of my life, including my home, cleaning, kids school stuff, blogging, etc.. So I was throughly ecstatic when I found out we would be reviewing a BLOG PLANNER. It had never crossed my mind to even search for a blog planner!
The blog planner I chose to use is made by Jolanthe at Homeschool Creations. It is cleverly named The Yearly Blog Plan-her. There are over 60 pages in this planner! It has adorable designs and is clean and crisp looking. It has all you could ever need in a blog planner. I give it a 9 out 10, The only thing that I added (I just wrote it in) was a “Blogger to encourage this week”. I think that encouraging other bloggers (whether in your niche or not) is very important. I have only seen one planner out there with that section in it and I have no idea where it was, im perfectly happy writing it in myself in the notes section.


My favorite part of this blog planner is that it has a month view and then a week view as well. If im going to try to be organized, I’m going all out and getting detailed LOL! I can be more detailed on the week view than on the monthly view, which is perfect for me. The week view has a To-Do list at the bottom of each, whereas the Month View has Focus For Month.


This planner has helped me to be on my way to blogging a bit more regular. It allows me to plan months ahead and plan for themes for certain days/weeks/months. It even has sections to remind me to do Facebook and Twitter posts. Jolanthe knew what she was doing when she made this planner! A couple of my other favorite features are Website Analytics section, Affiliate Programs section, and Twitter Hashtag section. If you are trying to monetize your blog or even if your just trying to grow your followers these are GREAT and NEEDED tools. It also has a Link-Ups to Participate in section, and if you’ve ever tried to participate in more than one link up, you know they are hard to keep track of, which makes this another invaluable tool.


I printed out 6 months instead of the entire year because I really thought that I wouldn’t be that into having a planner for my blog. Well…I was wrong. I LOVE IT! I hole punched the paper and put it in a 3 ring binder and used some pocket dividers to separate the months. You could also print it and have it bound at Office Depot or Staples or the like. Which is what I will be doing after I use all that ive printed already.


Jolanthe did such an amazing job that i will be going to her site for all things printable. She has some amazing printables including meal planners, babysitter guides, chore charts, daily to do lists and oh so much more! So my friend get over to her site and get to printing! Oh did I forget to mention that these are all FREE??? Yup that is right a FREE amazing planner and other printables!


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