Confusing My Children

She sat there at the dining table with her special treat. A cup of yummy chocolate milk and a delicious snack. She was a bunch of wiggles, as usual.

As I walked to the kitchen to get Wonder Boy his snack, I turned around towards Princess, and reminded her ” Be careful so you don’t spill. If you spill then you’ll have to clean it up.”

Right then. I stopped. What on earth am I teaching her and her brother?! I want to instill a LOVE (or at the very least a happy tolerance) of cleaning in them. I want them to feel free, brave, creative, and happy. I don’t want them to worry about spilling or messing up things. I don’t want them to hate cleaning or get aggravated just because they have to clean something up.

I’m sending the kids mixed messages all day. Sometimes it’s “Cleaning is fun” “it’s relaxing to have a clean home” “cleaning the house shows the other family members we love them”.

Other times its “don’t spill, or you’ll have to clean” “you need to pay attention so you don’t get toothpaste, paint, nail polish, food, toys, etc. everywhere bc then we’ll have to clean it up”

Yes I know sometimes things could get ruined from spillage but then that’s a lesson learned right? Now, I’m not saying I’m going to go let them paint the walls with nail polish or dump chocolate milk on the furniture but I am going to change the way I approach messes and cleaning with them.

“No use crying over spilt milk” Right???

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