Fitness Friday Intro: Journaling Nutrition

Hey hey friends! I am super excited to start this series Fitness Friday. I’m making it a linkup as well, that way a bunch of other bloggers can join in. It’ll be a way to have accountability but also have people who we can learn from and glean from, ya know?

I finally feel like I can work out again because I WANT to not because i’m frustrated or angry with myself. It’s nice to think about exercise and not get angry, haha. Seriously though, every time I thought I about any form of exercise I would get so upset with myself for ever letting myself get to this point and for taking to time off to really prioritize things in my life and not beat myself up every time I missed a workout. Anyone else ever feel like that? It’s been something that I really needed to do though. When I was working out every single day, I would beat myself up mentally if I missed a workout. Not cool. People work through things differently and taking some time to re prioritize and learn that missing workouts isn’t such a big deal is what I needed to do. Like I said though I feel like I’m ready to get back into it. I’ve done a lot of healing over the past couple months.

The kids and I have started going on walks in the morning which has been nice. They aren’t intense or anything but at least we are getting in some form of exercise together. Plus it helps the kids get the wiggles out before we start school.

I am going to start journaling what I eat. Not calorie counting or carb counting or anything. Just writing down what I’m eating. I want to focus on nutrition, not restricting myself. I want to make sure that I am feeding my body the things it needs. No restricting just focusing on eating the healthiest things possible without making myself feel bad if I don’t. It’s all about the healing process, right?


So if you have a blog lets link-up! For now, I’m thinking that this is just going to be a journal type style series-eventually I may have prompts. Let’s do this!

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