Five Minute Friday: Open

This weeks prompt for Five Minute Friday is: Open



She opens the door to her loft and walks in. Waiting for her is a room full of balloons. Quietly she starts to giggle. She steps into the room and searches for him. She knows it has to be him.

Where could he be?

She fumbles into the dining room. There he is. Standing with a bouquet of sunflowers. Her favorite. He walks over to her and grabs her hand, leading her to her chair. She sits down and in front of her is a card.




Ok how on earth did that take 5 minutes??? Haha! Well, it looks like it could be the start to a story šŸ™‚ Whenever I sit down to write these things I never know if it’s going to be like the above or just a rambling, I never read anyone else’s first. I just open my writing space, ignore everything, and write. It always surprises me what ends up written down.




  1. Marcy P. says:

    Ha! I loved the light and life and delight in your five minutes šŸ™‚ I did the same today… didn’t think much about it, just poured words on “paper” – interesting to see what comes out! Blessings!

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