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When I was a newlywed my sister told me about FlyLady. I had no idea how to keep our apartment clean at all. You see, just in case you don’t know this already…when you get married….not only do you have all of your things…but all of their things too. AND then all of the wedding gifts and things you get together as a newlywed couple. It can be a tad overwhelming to be honest.

So I started FlyLady and I did fairly well at maintaining our little apartment. Then my daughter was born and we moved into a house. We lived only on the top level for a long time and my sister in law rented the basement. Oh how easy it was to keep it all clean staying home with one little one! Then my sister in law moved out and we had the basement as well. Still kept it fairly clean. Not as clean as I would’ve liked but still clean. Then my 2nd child was born. Things got a little harder as I now had two little ones and we were starting homeschooling and my daughter was starting more activities outside of the home. Somehow my FlyLady routines fell by the wayside. Then my 3rd was born. The older kids were doing more. Homeschooling was more. Life was…life. It was glorious and beautiful and full.

But my house….

Oh my house. I honestly don’t know how some people do it. With an extremely busy toddler, 2 bigger kids, a big yellow lab, and a hubby that works long/unconventional hours-all while homeschooling. Don’t forget all of the activities that go with a family of 5! I can’t keep up! Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t trade any of this for the world! I love my kids and my family and consider it a huge blessing to be a mom and wife, have the ability and option to stay at home and homeschool, while my amazing man works so hard to provide for our family. I truly is a great blessing and honor.

But keeping the house clean is still something that I want and something that I struggled with daily. I kept trying and trying to find new ways to tackle the mess and organize. Finally I decided to look up FlyLady again found out they have a new Premium Service.

Their Premium Service is a new feature to FlyLady that, among other things, pairs you with a mentor. Being paired with a mentor is so amazing. The woman you get paired with will match as closely to your home-life as much as possible. Depending on the package you choose, you will meet with your FlyLady mentor biweekly or weekly every month (either by phone or skype). You will also be able to play games with the entire group via facebook live or youtube. Plus there are tons of videos with the Premium Service as well.

I love my FlyLady mentor. She helps me pin down goals for the next 2 weeks, and figure out how to tackle them. She has helped me figure out how to plan my day so that it runs smoothly and we can get things done.

My house is still not where I want it to be by any means, but I’m learning that that’s life with littles. I’m working on it and instilling in them the character traits they need to be good home keepers when that time comes. My daughter is even using the student control journal and learning to take care of the house and her room as well.

I meet with my mentor tomorrow and even though I haven’t finished all my goals that we came up with last week, I know she will still encourage me and help me to reach them in my own time.

If you would like to learn more about the Flylady Premium Service just click HERE.

By the way.. did you know that FLY stands for FINALLY LOVING YOURSELF??? Yah, me either until the other day. I think we could all stand to love ourselves a little more, don’t you?

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