Gilmore Girls Revival Party

I am super excited about the new Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life! Aren’t you?! I grew up watching it with my mom and then on my own or with the hubs after I got married, but my mom and I still talked about the episodes over the phone. It was our thing ya know?

Now, I’ve watched every episode multiple times and can still watch them with the same focus as the first time. Ha! Yah, it’s definitely my favorite show ever! I can’t wait to watch it with my daughter one day. I know she will love it too even though it will be SO OLD  (insert sarcasm here) by then.


I know so many people who are hosting or attending a Gilmore Girls binge watching party! Some are calling it a Netflix & Chilton party, others are just Gilmore Girls Revival parties. Whatever you are calling yours, I have some awesome decorations, invitations, and ideas for you, including some freebies!

First up we must talk about the food…because all Gilmore Girls fans know that a binge watching session means food. Junk food. Lots of it.

Pizza is a staple. Order it. Make it. Even have it healthy and paleo if you want, but pizza is a must.

Here are 21 paleo pizza recipes at Paleo Grubs

Here are 5o recipes from Food Network

Chinese Food is another staple. I have never been successful at making Chinese food so I will be ordering take-out in true Gilmore fashion. But here are some recipes you can try if you’d like!

Here are some healthier Chinese food recipes at Creme De La Crumb

We all know that Pop-Tarts and ice cream are musts as well. Here are some paleo and clean recipes!

Paleo Pop-Tarts at A Girl Worth Saving

Chocolate Covered Katie has some awesome healthy Ice Cream alternatives for you!

I think we have covered all the basics when it comes to a Gilmore food binge. Let’s move on to drinks shall we?!

So if you’re having a party earlier in the day coffee is obviously one of the drinks you will be serving. Because a Gilmore Girl lives off of coffee.

However if you are having a party at night caffeine may not be what everyone wants at that point. So decaf is definitely an option. But here are some cocktails you could also serve!

Do you remember the episode where Rory had her own drink? Well here is a recipe for it!


The Rory:

1 oz chilled vodka

1.5-2 oz pineapple juice

0.5 oz grenadine

Top off with a little champagne and a cherry!

Miss Patty’s Founder’s Day Punch is sure to be a winner!


Founder’s Day Punch

2 oz Malibu Rum

1 oz Ninety-Nine Bananas

Orange Juice

Pineapple Juice

Splash of Grenadine

Now for the decorations!! Oh, the decorations! I have all sorts of awesome printable goodies for you!

First off, we all know that everyone is talking about who Rory is with at this point. These printables can be printed out and put in a frame, or just hung up somewhere. When your guests arrive have them put a tally mark on who they want to see Rory with! They are just $1 for all 4 in my etsy shop!

I also have a few other $1 printables up in my Etsy shop that you can print out and display around your party area (or your home just because they are awesome and always fun!)

I also have some invitations up in my shop that you can print and hand out/mail to your friends!


I can’t wait to watch! Hang out with me on my on my Insta (theanchoredhippie) and Snapchat to chat about the show with me! I promise to not give any spoilers!


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