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Y’all. Weaning my 3rd is not easy. He doesn’t want to stop. I can hear a choir of moms now…”then don’t wean” “you should only wean when your child is ready” That’s great and so true for some moms. But I’m ready. He’s 20 months old and yes I know that someday I will miss this, but I need a full night of sleep y’all! Anybody with me?!

So when Mom’s Meet contacted me and asked if I would review Kabrita’s Toddler Goat Milk Formula I was all over it! I figured this would be a huge help in the realm of weaning.

Kabrita is a company founded by two Mompreneurs, Kate Morrison- a Naturopathic doctor and Carolyn Ansley- a business exec whose background is in infant nutrition. Through their trials with their own children and breastfeeding issues, Kabrita was born.

Kabrita is a company I can feel good about supporting. All their ingredients, whether for their formula or their fruit and yogurt pouches (which are AMAZING btw), are NON-GMO. Kabrita’s products have no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives, and no added sugar or water! There goats are raised on farms in the Netherlands where they a free to graze on grass. They are never given any growth hormones, etc.

We received a can of Kabrita Goat Milk Formula for Toddlers 12-24+ months. We also received a couple of their yogurts and let me tell you, we all LOVED them!

Now, you may be wondering “Why Goats Milk formula?”. There are many reasons actually. Goats milk is actually more like breastmilk than cow or soy based formulas or other milks. It moves through the body faster which creates less discomfort in the child. Kabrita’s formula also has all the vitamins, minerals, and nutrition that little ones need. They have a great nutrition comparison chart on their site here.

I was honestly a little worried that A wouldn’t like it. I mean, he has never had formula at all. At first, he was a little unsure. Like “what is this mom??” haha but after a couple sips he seemed to really enjoy it! Which I was really happy about.

The taste is great, although, since it is made of Goats Milk it is a tad tangier than your little one might be used to. However I found no issues with that. (BTW I did taste it) It’s not so tangy that your kiddos won’t like it. It’s just got that Goats milk flavor, ya know? My kiddos really liked it, especially in the Kabrita yogurt pouches!

We will definitely be purchasing Kabrita products in the future. I just love what this company stands for. It’s a perfect fit for our family! I hope you’ll give their products a try, and if you do please come back and comment below how you and your little one liked it!

Kabrita has given me a special code just for you readers! You can receive 20% off KABRITA products on kabritaUSA.com using code MM2016 code expires june 30th, 2016 KABRITA Goat Milk Toddler Formula retails for $21.99 for 14 oz. and $41.99 for 28 oz. KABRITA Goat Milk Yogurt and Fruit retails for $2.19 for 4 oz. and a 6-pack retails for $11.99. Also you can sign up to request some samples from Kabrita here.

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  1. Steph says:

    Hmm maybe this would work for Ezra too! I’ve weaned sooner and sooner with each (18 and 16 mos) but I really would like to be done by 14/15 months with this kid. He’s got literally zero interest… šŸ˜³

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