Good2Grow Juices Review


When I was asked to review Good2Grow juice I was pretty excited. I knew the kids would love picking out the character bottles and knowing the juice was NON-GMO, no sugar added, some of them even included veggies, made momma happy too!


About Good2Grow:
They are a family owned and operated company in Atlanta, Georgia. Their mission “is to help improve children’s health and happiness.”.

No artifice color, flavors or preservatives
No added sugar
Fruit and Veggie blends
Fun characters
Reusable bottles

Unfortunately we had some issues with the juice bottles we obtained from the store. Princess picked a Hello Kitty bottle and drank it with her lunch. When she finished I went to rinse it and fill with water. When I opened the bottle I found it was full of mold. She had drank the whole 12oz of juice with mold in it. Thankfully it did not make her sick. The kids now know to have an adult open the juice, pour it into another cup first to make sure the bottles of juice have no mold.


I have since chatted with the company and they apologized for the incident and I sent them my info and info on the bottle so they can use that in their quality development. They also explained that while their products are pasteurized, any exposure to the air (so if the seal gets broken or foil gets punctured) could cause the product to be compromised. This could happen in transit, at the store, or on the way home from the store.
We are not big juice drinkers in our house so these were basically for treats for the kids. We have not bought any since the mold incident. I can not say I recommend or do not recommend this product, as I hope and believe they are trying to make it so this doesn’t happen and there are so many variables. I just urge you to please check the bottles BEFORE your child drinks the juice, if you decide to purchase these.

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