Guest Post: A Laundry Prayer

So while I’m sick I thought I’d have a guest poster! Let me tell you, God couldn’t have picked a better post to send my way!

I have a hard time with laundry. It piles up, gets thrown all over the house, my OCD brain wants to separate all. The. Laundry. But my mom brain says JUST WASH IT!


I love the smell and warmth of clean clothes. I hate to fold it and put it away. Blehh..

My mom has always told me to pray while I fold the clothes but I just didn’t know what or how to pray while doing laundry.

And then the dear Donna Stone sent me this as a guest post. It’s amazing. You’ll see 🙂

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The Laundry Prayer
Dear Lord,
Thank you for the arms covered by these sleeves. And thank you for the way those arms encircle me, even when I’ve been cranky and mean.
Thank you for the ripped up knees of his good pants, because these holes show that he is healthy enough to run, play, fall down, and get up– all without me knowing it.
Thank you for the chocolate stains down the front this once white shirt. It means she can eat. Anything she wants.
Thank you for missing buttons. The time I spend reattaching them will remind me to ask You to protect his heart, especially from my own harsh words.
Thank you for the huge pile of mismatched socks. Let them always be worn by ‘beautiful feet’.
Thank you for clothing my family, Lord. Thank you for the grace that covers Your children from the tops of their heads to the tips of their toes.

Donna writes about faith, family, and home. When she is not minding her duties to kith and kin, Donna writes novels and blogs at You can find her on twitter and facebook.

Amazing right?! Now let’s go do some laundry and pray over our families as we do it!

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