Healing My Diastasis Recti An Update 

It’s been a while since I’ve done an update on how I’m healing my Diastasis Recti. And since it is one of my most popular posts, probably because it affects SO MANY people, I figured it was about time.


DR Update

Y’all this Diastasis Recti stuff can be so frustrating and discouraging at times! There is so much conflicting information about what to do and what not to do.. seriously google or pinterest DR and you will get a bunch of posts all conflicting each other.

UGH! A girl just wants to know what is going to work and what isn’t so that she can heal her dang core and not spend thousands of dollars!!

Like I told you 21 day fix did help to close my DR some. But there’s more to be done and more healing that has to happen for the symptoms to go away as well. Could continuing to do the 21DF completely heal it?? I don’t know. I’ve read that it has for some. But I’ve also read that some people needed to do some specific core and pelvic floor work aside from a normal workout program.

I’ve looked into Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist’s (which my insurance won’t cover and are WAY too expensive-for me anyways), I’ve looked into classes for Personal Trainer’s and Health Coaches (which is a goal of mine anyways), I’ve looked at countless blog posts, YouTube videos, and online programs promising to heal my core. I’ve had “experts” call me out on Instagram for doing things that will cause my separation to worsen.

But they were all either too expensive or didn’t really talk about healing your pelvic floor and diastasis. I’m on a mission to figure this out and provide information to women that is not confusing, expensive, restricting, or frustrating. I want to know and want you to know as well, how to modify popular exercises while your DR is healing and if it’s possible or beneficial to do them after it’s healed.

I’ve found a couple promising books and things and I promise to update again soon. So make sure you are signed up for my newsletter (goes out about 1-2x a month and I never give your info out) so you can get updated as soon as I post!

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