A Homeschooler’s Teacher Appreciation Letter

Every year at the beginning of school, I see parents start posting about their child’s new teacher-how precious the teacher is, how they treasure him/her, how they respect and commend them for doing what they do.

And it’s true. Teachers are amazing gifts from God. Teachers helps shape and mold our children. They teach them, guide them, talk to them, and hopefully pray for them.

But to be completely honest. I get a little jealous. Yikes..that’s hard to admit.

I mean I’m over here..homeschooling. Being a mom AND a teacher to my kids. Where’s my thanks, where my “why we love Mrs. ______” Facebook or blog post. It’s not because I want the praise, honestly. It’s because I’ve come to compare myself to a school teacher.

Society tends to skew the way we see things sometimes.

Then…I thought, WHY on earth am I even comparing myself to any of that? Is it because I used to teach? Or is it because I feel like everyone is judging me because we choose to homeschool? Or is it that society compares us, so I’ve begun to do the same? Or is it all of the above?

Then I realized that NONE of that matters. This is something that I believe God wants me to do. I’m a mom. I’m a teacher. I’m proud to be a homeschooler. There’s nothing to even compare.

School teachers deserve our respect. They deal with SO much crap day in and day out. I’m so glad that there are parents out there who remember that and thank them and love on them throughout their careers. I’ve been right there and dealt with some crazy stuff while teaching (in all sorts of capacities). Parents SHOULD be recognizing the amazing teachers out there. They should be praised and thanked and have parents and students get excited when they learn they have them that year.

But homeschoolers-this is to you. Just because we are TEACHING our children at home does not mean we are TEACHERS.

I know, I know. Don’t quit reading. Please, just hear me out.

We are not teachers. Not in the sense that the rest of the world uses that word. Remember THAT.

Remember that your children are your children first. Then your student. Love them. Praise them. Disciple them. Teach them right from wrong. Teach them respect. Teach them science. And how to read. Teach them to love literature and about all the amazing places that they can visit across our globe. Instill in them a respect for different cultures, a love for all people because we were all created by God. Teach them grace and mercy. Teach them kindness and strength. 

More than all of that-daily remind yourself that you are an amazing gift from God-as are all teachers-in every aspect of the word.

Thank you to all of the teachers. Whether you’re a daycare provider, a preschool teacher, a public school teacher, a homeschooler, a private school teacher, a choir director, a teaching assistant, a special needs teacher, an early learning center teacher, a mom, a dad, a grandma, a grandpa, an aunt, an uncle. Thank you. Thank you for loving on the future generation. Thank you for following God’s path for you. Thank you for dedicating each day to these crazy little rascals who give us so much crap day in and day out-and choosing to do it again every morning. From the bottom of my heart-thank you. I’ll be praying over you this school year-and in years to come. God Bless.

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