I Don’t Feel So Alone

Yesterday was MOPS Friday! YAY!

We had a member of our MOPS group speak about homemade spa treatments. Awesome, right?! RIGHT!

She talked about how relaxing Epsom salts are and the science behind it. Like most Americans are deficient in this amazing mineral, partly because we don’t eat enough magnesium rich foods but also because our soil is so depleted that our foods are not as nutritious as our ancestors.

I was getting really excited. I just kept thinking “I’m not the only “hippie” around here!”

Then she pulls out Essential Oils. I immediately whispered a prayer “Thank you God!”

Do you know how awesome it is to meet like-minded people in real life?! I’ve felt like I would never find people that share my beliefs on schooling, holistic and natural living, among other things.

Now that I am actually putting myself out there and making myself do things, I’m finding that God is blessing me tremendously. With friends, community, help, knowledge, and so much more. Not just through MOPS but meeting friends of friends!

I’m SO glad that I am able to be a part of this MOPS group!

If you’re not a part of MOPS <~~~ Check them out. Being in a group is invaluable!


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