Is The 21 Day Fix A Fad

I get questions and comments all the time about whether the 21 Day Fix is a scam or fad diet or a quick fix.

Let’s start by addressing if it is a scam. A scam by definition is something that is fraudulent etc. I can tell you that 21 Day fix is absolutely NOT a scam. It actually works!! Therefore it can’t be a scam.

Let’s move on to the whole fad diet remarks. A fad diet is a diet that is going to restrict your calorie intake (1000 or less), or take away food groups, or only talk about eating and not exercise, or have outrageous claims, or any combination of those things. 21 Day Fix has you eating an adequate amount of calories, with eating all of the food groups in proper portions, and has an exercise program. Nope not a fad diet either.

Now for the “quick fix” question. People assume (and you know what they say about that ;p) that because it is a 21 Day program it is all about the quick fix. The program isn’t designed to be used for only 21 days, that just 1 round, you can do as many “rounds” as you need until it becomes ingrained. 21 days is an easy amount of time for people to start changing their habits and to see results. You have to keep going though, you can’t quit after 21 days and expect to keep losing weight or to be healthy. 21 days is just the first part of the journey. So nope not a quick fix either.

I have personally done the 21 Day Fix and am watching my friends and family do it as well. I love this program and all that it teaches nutrition wise and physically as well. It’s a lifestyle change. It isn’t super restrictive and teaches balance. Below are my results with my 1st round of 21 Day Fix and my friends first round of it as well. If you are interested in learning more about 21 Day Fix or other programs feel free to comment below! I run monthly accountability groups and I’d love to  support you in your journey!

Katrina21DayFixRound1   JoyProgress

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