Just Being A Kid Part 4

If you haven’t read Part 1, Part 2, or Part 3, just click those links to do that now 🙂

Woohoooooo! We made it y’all!!!! J got his cast off and the pins out. From all the x-rays I was thinking the pins were small and thin. NOPE, those suckers were long and thick!

J was a champ while they unraveled the ace bandage, ripped the cast apart-took it off, and pulled the pins out. Didn’t freak out at all. Even got a Spider-Man sticker for doing so great. Doc said his arm looks great and we need to see him again in 6 weeks. J still has activity restrictions-nothing that includes running, jumping, and climbing for 2 MONTHS. ‘Cuz that’ll be easy. yah… right. They suggested he do swim lessons for physical therapy for the next few weeks, though. Which i’m sure he will like!

As we started to leave, he freaked out a bit. He was very unsure of no longer having the cast on. and wanted to be held. Now that we are home and he has had a bit of a nap he’s warming up to it. Although he does not look happy about it in the photo below!


The poor kid is so itchy he has already scratched/rubbed his arm raw in a spot 🙁 I put some coconut oil on it which has definitely helped, thank goodness. THAT was gross. I handled EVERYTHING else fine. I heard/saw his arm break..I held him while they did the IV’s, I walked him into the OR, watched them take the cast off and the pins out.. but when he scratched his arm while sitting on me. I just about freaked…I had skin ALL over me.. yuuckkkk. You better believe I jumped up and got it all off haha.

So all in all, he is good, and life can go back to semi-normal. Just have to be watching his every move and all. No biggie 😉


  1. gioiahm says:

    I still remember after the car accident, when it was time to leave the hospital being terrified. I told my Dad it wasn’t time to go yet because I “wasn’t all better.” I can relate to Jax. He is one tough kid, give him a big high five & a hug from me.

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