Just Being A Kid

I keep going over the past week in my head. Playing everything over, and over, and over again. Wishing it hadn’t happened.

It all started with Jax jumping off of my desk chair, just being a kid. The one I am sitting in right now. I’ve told him a bajillion times not to do it. He could land wrong and get hurt. Well, he did just that this time.

I scooped him up off the floor and held him asking him what hurt. He wouldn’t say anything. Just cried. Which wasn’t normal but I thought it was just him being super tired. Then hubby came in from outside and we sat him on the chair to calm him and talk to him. He was favoring his left arm. I ran upstairs and grabbed him an ice cream sandwich (you can always tell how badly hurt a kiddo is by shoving an ice cream in their face and seeing if they calm down *wink wink*), he cried through eating it. Hubby and I decided we needed to head to the ER, his elbow was starting to swell. I called my mom and asked her to meet us there so she could sit in my car with Zoey and Abel.

By the time we arrived at the ER he was no longer crying. He was just…off. We were taken back pretty quickly, which is always awesome. The DR took one look and said it was definitely broken. That statement actually caught us off guard. It wasn’t very swollen and he wasn’t really acting like he was in pain, just favoring it. We had assumed it was badly sprained.


Little man just sitting and talking while waiting


We had some X-ray’s done and oh.my.word. That was awful. I just. I can’t even tell you how hard it was to hold his arm in a position that put him in pain. It was rough, I’m so glad hubby was with us.

Shortly after we were back in the room. the DR came in. She said it indeed was broken and he potentially needed to go in the OR immediately. Wait…what?? We were shocked. My baby boy might need surgery… Those are words I NEVER want to hear again. It made me sick to my stomach. I immediately texted my sister and had her ask our amazing group of prayer warriors to start praying. We were scared.

We had to do one more X-ray to be sure. Y’all this one was worse than the first two. So heartbreaking.


Daddy carrying his boy to get more X-ray’s


This time we waited a LONG time for the DR to come back. She said we needed to be taken by ambulance to the nearby hospital that had the best children’s doctors, so that they could determine how bad the break was and if surgery was necessary. However, the ambulance broke down and would likely be 2 hours before they could get us. Say what??? We could drive there and at the very least be waiting for a DR within that time frame. Not just starting the process..


He fell asleep in my arms while we were trying to figure out what to do


After many talks between us and the DR, and us and my parents, we decided it would be best if Zoey went with my Dad, hubby went home to try and rest as he had to work (#selfimployedproblems which he REALLY did not want to do) and the boys, my mom, and I would drive to the other hospital. Not what we really all wanted..but it was what was best.

Did I mention it was around 8pm and snowing and sleeting?! Yah..it was.


In order to make this post not last forever..I’m pausing here. You can read the rest on Monday!


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