Learning A New Kitchen Skill

Ill be honest. I’ve never used the broiler on my oven. I never knew how it worked, or what it did, or what you would even use it for. (Not very holly homemaker of me, is it??)

Hubby uses it all the time, especially for burgers (when he’s not grilling them outback). My man can cook. And he likes to take risks and experiment when cooking, which means he usually knows more than me about appliances and certain things in the kitchen. So, he marinated some pork chops and told me to broil them. I said

what? I don’t know how to work that part of the oven, how do I even know when they’re done?!

Boy, did he get a good laugh outta that. He then told me to just turn it on high and check them periodically.

Ok sounded easy enough.

I knew I was going to make baby gold potatoes with the pork chops so I looked up if I could broil them. Much to my surprise, you can broil just about anything!

I turned it on High and put the seasoned chops in, then seasoned the potatoes and put them in too. Checked them periodically, took them out (potatoes too) and flipped them. 30-40 minutes later we had a delicious dinner! I made some carrots as well, on the stove though. I wasn’t sure how these would turn out if I tried to broil them??

It turned out delicious! I am now going to use the broiler much more often!

Have any recipes you love using the broiler for? I’d love to hear them! Have you learned any new kitchen skills lately?

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