Mutu Monday: Healing My Diastasis Recti Week 2

yay! It’s week 2! This is where we learn about alignment and how we are supposed to actually sit, stand, walk, and run. We are still doing the core phase 1 exercises as well. Week 3 is when we will add intensive exercises in.


The only thing I’m having a hard time doing is walking every day. She wants us o walk outside, not on a treadmill, for 20-30 minuets every day. That’s not totally possible rich now with the extreme cold temps, snow, and ice. So I just walk as much as I can inside right now. And get outside when weather permits.

I want to tell you a little bit more about the whole program in detail. I absolutely love how holistic this program is. There is so much positivity and information flowing from each video or page. It’s empowering.

The Mutu System consists of a few key elements. 

Mutu Core-  exercises and stretches that pertain to your core, take about 10 minutes a day and are done 7 days a week.

Mutu Food- simple changes (like adding 1 new healthy food a week). 

Mutu Intensive- workouts that are done in 20 minutes a day and 4-5x a week.

Mutu Science- Shows you the science behind it all. 

Mutu Breathe- Teaches you how to train your body to relax. 

Mutu Alignment- Teaches you how to sit, stand, and walk properly. 

All these things work together to create an all-encompassing holistic program. Each week you have some combo of these to watch/do. 

 I told you this program is awesome. Now I’m going to go do my workout ☺️ come back next week for more info and to continue about reading about how it’s going for me! You can subscribe to my newsletter here so you don’t miss a post! 

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