My Current Fitness Routine

I haven’t done a post for a while on what I am doing fitness wise and I have had a few questions about it lately so I decided to go ahead and do one!

When I did my first round of whole30 I chose not to focus on any fitness because I knew it was going to be a big change and I didn’t want to make myself fail by putting too much pressure on myself. I did do a few random workouts and walked some I just didn’t have a fitness plan.

Now that I am living post whole30 and about to enter my 2nd round I am getting back into a fitness routine. I’m learning a lot about doing activities that I love and that I do not have to stick to one company or program just because they worked before. It’s good to switch it up some. So I went on a search for some free and downloadable kettlebell routines. I LOVE my kettlebells and all the different things I can do with them.

I am only doing about 3 workouts a week at the moment as I try to slowly incorporate it all back in. I completely got out of any sort of workout routine when my hormones whacked out. I will eventually get back to doing an actual workout 5 days a week but for now 3 days is all I am doing with walks with the kids on the other days.

The kettlebell is a really great way to get in an aerobic workout while doing some strength training as well. Which I love. Because strength training is my fav. Plus they don’t take up much room and and there are SO many different things to do with them!

The routines I have been going through are from this website. I have been doing these inside most days but if it’s nice out I just take the kids out back and do it there!

I’ve also been getting some yoga in as a warm-up before my kettlebell workout. I mainly just do the yoga poses that I know by heart right now. I’ll eventually learn some new ones and incorporate them in, but for now I’m good doing simple! It’s just that season in my life ya know? I need simple!

What does your current fitness routines look like? Have you ever used a kettlebell, if so, what is your favorite exercise with them?

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