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One of the first “crunchy” things I did was change my toothpaste. I’ve had issues with traditional toothpaste for a while. I’m honestly not sure if it is the SLS or the fluoride in it that bothers me but one of them does-to the point where the skin inside my mouth will peel. Yup, totally gross. You can now see my reason for switching huh?

Enter: Himalaya Botanique Complete Care Toothpaste

The Deets

Himalaya Botanique is a company that was started in 1930 by Mr. M. Manal, when he “saw restless elephants being fed the root of a plant to pacify them. Fascinated by the plant’s effect on elephants, he had it scientifically evaluated for human use, and thus began a worldwide legacy of herbal healthcare.” To learn more about their beginnings go HERE

Himalaya Botanique uses a blend of Neem, Pomegranate, Triphala and Xylitol. This is what they have to say about these ingredients

» Neem leaf, harvested from the ‘worlds most researched tree’
is history’s original housekeeper and works to keep the mouth
» Pomegranate is an astringent fruit extract that helps support
healthy looking gums by tightening the tissues.
» Triphala is a traditional detox formula in ancient Ayurveda
composed of the three myrobalan fruits for clean teeth and a
radiant smile.
» Not only is Xylitol a tooth-friendly sweetener, but it has also
been clinically-studied to support good oral hygiene.

By using these ingredients they have created a natural and safe formula of toothpaste that will:

  • Freshen your breath
  • Support healthy gums
  • Remove Plaque
  • Whitens Teeth

Himalaya Botanique Whitening Complete Care Toothpaste also contains Papain and Bromelain (enzymes from the Papaya and Pineapple fruits), which help remover surface stains from your teeth. (UMMM..YES PLEASE!! Get these coffee stains off my teeth!)

They offer  large assortment of flavors which include:  Whitening Complete Care Simply Peppermint, Whitening Complete Care Simply Mint, Complete Care Simply Peppermint, Simply Mint, Simply Cinnamon, Simply Spearmint and the Original Neem and Pomegranate toothpaste.

Himalaya Botanique Toothpaste is  Carrageenan Free, SLS Free, Gluten Free, and Fluoride Free!!

My Thoughts (and the kiddos and my dads as well)

I’ve really been enjoying these toothpastes the past few weeks. I’ve many, many a natural toothpaste and I truly like these the best. Some I’ve tried are super sweet which is off putting to me. I don’t need or want to feel like I’m eating candy when I brush my teeth. Himalaya Botanique formulated their toothpastes perfectly so that they are balanced in flavor and sweetness. The cinnamon is by far my favorite. My kiddos love the peppermint one, and my dad loves the mixed mint one. There is for sure a flavor for everyone!

My teeth feel cleaner with this toothpaste as well. Like squeaky clean. And it lasts for a long time, even through meals. I love it.

It cracks me up how much the kids love how it makes their breath smell so good. They come running up when they are done and yell “SMELL MY BREATH”! It’s adorable and their breath does smell really good!

My dad, who has never used a natural toothpaste, but also has issues with some toothpastes, decided to give it a try. I was so delighted to hear that he is really liking it!

The ONLY negative (and it’s not really negative per say) thing I have found is that it comes out of the tube super fast so the kids have a hard time controlling the amount. It would be easier if there were a flip top cap or smaller opening, but that is it.

We will be using Himalaya Botanique for the foreseeable future!

BTW….the price point for one tube is $5.99 which is a decent price and comparable to the competition.

Connect With Himalaya Botanique

They offer some other products that look great as well and they also have a coupon section on, check them out below!

Have you ever tried Himalaya Botanique Toothpaste?? Let me know in the comments below!

Disclaimer: I received this product for free from Moms Meet (, May Media Group LLC, who received it directly from the manufacturer. As a Moms Meet blogger, I agree to use this product and post my honest opinion on my blog. The opinions posted are my own.

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