Ooka Island Review


As part of the Mosaic Reviews Team I was able to review Ooka Island.

Ooka Island is a reading adventure game for Pre-K to 2nd grade. It is aligned with Common Core State Standards.

The Details:

It teaches Phonics, Phonemic Awareness, Comprehension, Fluency, and Vocabulary.
There are 3 editions. Home, School, and Homeschool.
There are printables that go along with the game.
Your child gets to design their own avatar.
Your child will move up in the game and open new games as they get better.
A downloadable game.
Keeps your child focused and entertained with bright colors and lovable characters.
Was actually called Booka Island but the children in the trials dropped the B and called it Ooka and it stuck.
Parent portal where you can see how they are doing.
Pricing available monthly or yearly and for one or more children.


Our Experience:

We absolutely LOVE Ooka Island around here. Princess asks to play everyday, and I truly don’t mind letting her. I can see such an improvement in her skills in the short amount of time we have had the game. ( we had some issues and got ours a little late). Her recognition of letters and phonics, are so much better after playing the game for just 30 minutes a day a few times a week. There are a few areas she has trouble with in the game, like the rock climbing part. WonderBoy even loves it. He will sit next to Princess and say all the letter sounds that he is hearing. I think we are going to continue with this program.

7/31/2014 UPDATE: We are STILL using Ooka Island and really enjoying it. Princess is moving along nicely in the program. WonderBoy loves to sit and watch along while Princess plays.

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