Pregnancy Update: 29 Weeks

Whew! It has been such a crazy few weeks around here! I am now 29 weeks pregnant 🙂 woohoo, almost there! Things are going well. I found out I am anemic. I wasn’t really surprised by this considering how tired, winded, weak, and just cruddy I was feeling.

I also have to go for ANOTHER 3HR glucose test…yuck! My 1 hour came back at 157 (I had boiled eggs that morning). The nurse said it would be a good idea to start tracking my numbers and keep a food log so if/when I have to see the nutritionist they can see what’s been going on for the past couple weeks. So my awesome SIL is letting me borrow her meter. So I checked my fasting this morning and it was 131! Wahhhh! Then I had breakfast and 2hrs later it was 116. I’m thoroughly confused on all of this and I’m having a hard time finding any “hippie” info on GD. So if you know of any please share! I’m sure it’ll take a few days to learn what helps my glucose levels and what hurts them. And lots of reading…

I just switched supplements now that I’m in the third trimester and anemic. I’m now taking these prenatals (which I’m really loving by the way)

I’m also taking this iron supplement which I could feel its effects the second day I took it!!

Both are food based which is very important to me. I also take a quality fish oil supplement, magnesium every now and then, and I’m going to add more probiotics and a Cod Liver Oil.

I’m trying to get some exercise in since I know it’s good for me and because I know it will help with all these other issues…but seriously… I have no flipping energy and I have a 2 year old, a 5 year old, and a 7 month old lab puppy. WHEN am I supposed to exercise?! I know I know I have to MAKE the time for it. And I will…. It just might be a little like this


Other than being tired, everything is going well. We are having another boy! YAY! It still amazes me how DIFFERENT each pregnancy can be. I can feel him moving around more than the others and I definitely have Braxton Hicks that are noticeable too. (actually your uterus starts braxton hicks in the first trimester just most people don’t notice them.) It’s so true when they say you get bigger, quicker with each kid. I feel huge already!

Sometimes I feel like i shouldn’t be having a baby shower since i’m having another boy. I gave EVERYTHING away though since we weren’t planning to have another baby for a while, so I really NEED a few things. I’m glad God had other plans, His timing is always perfect.


What are your favorite pregnancy supplements? Have you dealt with anemia and/or gestational diabetes?

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