Pregnancy Update: 33 Weeks

AHHH! Only 4-7 more weeks! So exciting and so terrifying at the same time! I’m ready for little man to be here though. Well sort of 🙂

Everything is going well. We had an ultrasound about 2 weeks ago now because my uterus is measuring about 6 weeks ahead of my EDD. Baby boy is measuring about 1 week 1/2 ahead of my EDD. Which both Wonderboy and Princess did also. I’m thinking I may have made my Diastasis Recti MUCH worse and that is why I’m measuring like that. I just know nothing is wrong with baby boy and there is no issue with the amniotic fluid either, so it is not from the gestational diabetes.

Oh right…gestational diabetes. Let me tell you. These past few weeks have been just… interesting. To say the least.

I went to the class and I pretty much bit my tongue the entire time. I probably only agreed with about 1/4 of the things they were saying and recommending! I did learn a couple things though. So it wasn’t ALL bad. anndddd I have issues with people telling me what to do, especially when they have the “it’s my way or the highway” attitude.

So what I did find out is that I was only diagnosed with PRE-gestational diabetes and that insurance companies (or at least mine) wouldn’t take that as an actual diagnosis, therefore they wouldn’t pay for any services. UMMMM….. there was no way I was about to pay out of pocket for a bunch of services I may not need. It became a HUGE back and forth between me, the nutritionsit, and my Dr. office ( who btw when I chatted with them told me I did NOT fail my 3hr GTT and that I did NOT have GD and they were sending me to the nutrionist as a precautionary) Eventually it was all straightnend out and i was officialy diagnosed with GD.

Talk about frustrating! So they gave me some guidelines and said they’d see me in 1 week. Little did I know they weren’t going to allow any trial and error time. My fasting glucose numbers were high so they immediately prescribed meds. Anyone who knows me knows I HATE taking meds. Plus the meds have the potential to make my blood sugar too low. During the day and night but especially at night. However after the last appointments I tried a new snack and added some walking in at night and my fasting numbers have been pretty good.

I have a non-stress test today and am going to see if we can hold off on the meds as long as I can keep my fasting numbers around 100 since all my other numbers are fine.

I’m trying to not get frustrated or stressed by any of it but honestly it’s hard! HAVING to have a certain amount of carbs is frustrating me because half the time I’m under what I’m supposed to have and they don’t like that. I’m also losing weight because my calorie intake has gone down.

I guess we will see!

Did you have Gestational Diabetes while you were pregnant? Any tips?

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