Pregnancy Update: 38 Weeks

It’s been a long (but good) week. I honestly thought I was in labor a couple days ago, but my contractions never became became regular. The contractions are dilating me so at least they’re doing something. Plus the more I dilate before “true” labor, the quicker it will be.

Right now, I’m just plain tired. Still trying to clean, organize, get ready for the school year, and baby, and anything else that pops into my head 😉

My blood sugar and NST’s have been great so my OB moved me to only one appointment a week. She said they really should’ve a long time ago. I wish they would have, gas ain’t cheap!! She also said they only try to induce if I go past my due date. We both know that likely won’t happen! Which is a huge relief, I didn’t want to have to fight it.

I’m still on the fence about placenta encapsulation. I’ve never had postpartum issues (post weaning yes) but I know every time is different but I also know more about nutrition, herbs, essential oils, and other natural things that could help. Plus it’s expensive and my hubby is not on board at all. So I still have stone praying/thinking to do.

I’ve also been listening to some great podcasts to boost my confidence about birth and postpartum. They have been a great help and I’m learning some pretty incredible information. If you like to listen to podcasts check out “Taking Back Birth” and “Birth, Baby, and Life”. Both are wonderful!

Do you have any podcasts/websites you like on birth and baby?

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