Raised To Homestead

I grew up learning to garden and take care of animals. My grandparents on my Dad’s side have a bit of land and always grew many of their fruits and veggies, and had cows, pigs, chickens, horses, etc. As a kid I went through phases where I absolutely loved all of it, and phases where I couldn’t stand do any of it. I’m so glad I learned to plant a garden, shuck corn, harvest green beans, feed chickens and cows, ride horses, and so much more.

I never thought it would be something I did as I became an adult though. In my teens I wanted to be a Psychologist. I wanted to research the brain, learn what causes things like Schizophrenia and Multiple Personality Disorder. Now all of that makes my head swim! My head and my heart are at home with my kids teaching them to live off of what God gave us.

I never knew what the term homesteading was until recently. My Grandparents just did what they did and that was normal to me. I didn’t fully understand WHY my Grandparents did what they did and how. As I learn more about health and even finances I understand why. I understand they wanted to have the best foods available to their large family and to get it as cheap as possible. My Grandparents, my Dad, my Aunts and Uncles, all have such great knowledge about homesteading and it is so fun to hear them talk about all that they’ve done.

My Grandmom would can a good portion of their foods and still eat off of some of their canned foods til this day. I’m learning this skill, but I think she will need to give me a little more insight before I can my harvest this year.

They don’t do as much as they used to now that they are older. They do still have some fruit bearing trees and grapevines. Most of the other things are too hard on them now. Guess it’s time for us Grandkids to pick up where they left off, huh?

I’m so glad that they passed this love of gardening on to some of their grandchildren. I love gardening now and I can’t wait until I can share my first harvest with my family!


The  photo above is of my seedlings in March. Yes, I planted a tad early this year. I couldn’t help it..



This photo is when I was transplanting my seedlings to bigger containers. This is what happens when you sew seeds too early, kids 😉 You have to transplant to bigger containers before you can put them outside!

I will write a post in the next couple weeks on WHAT is in our garden this year.

Do you garden or homestead? Did you learn from family and experience or is it something you are learning on your own?

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