Reusable Food Pouch Review

Y’all, I am writing about a super awesome product  (a reusable food pouch)  that my family has just fallen in love with! FYI: Disclaimer: I received the following items in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own. Thank you so much for supporting my blog.

So a while back I had started the search for something I could put smoothies and pureed fruits in veggies in. Ya know, like the ones that you buy from the store for babies and little kids? My kids (and I) really like those but I didn’t like some of the ingredients in some products or the waste! I wanted to be able to add more proteins or veggies for the kids, or use them for our smoothies. I knew there had to be a way I could make them and then have a reusable product to put them in. In my search I ran across a company and product called Squeasy Gear.

I immediately read about their story and their products, at which point I fell in love with the company. The Squeasy Gear owners are a husband and wife team that saw the need for this product in their own home with their 4 young children and decided to share it with the world! They too had been searching for something that they could use for healthier options and less waste. (how could you not love this story?) You can read their story here.

We received 3 of the 60z snackers. One for each of the kids. One in Aqua, one in Pink, and one in Green. They are also available in Purple, Red, and Gray now! These Snackers aren’t just FOOD pouches, y’all. You can use them for smoothies, purees or water! Or anything in between for that matter! They are super kid friendly while being super mom approved.

Each Squeasy Snacker comes with

  • a bottle in your choice of color- it is made of food grade silicone free from PVC, BPA, and Pthalates. It is also able to be turned inside out for easy cleaning. It has a wide open which makes it super easy to fill up.
  • Collar with Carabiner hole and easy grips
  • A removable insert that allows you to use the Snacker for water/juice/thin smoothies or thicker things like purees or thick smoothies.
  • Mouth piece which has a drip catch
  • A cap that attaches to the mouth piece- it is no leak and is easy open and close. It also has a flat top to stand it upside down.

They are also dishwasher and freezer safe!

We have used our snackers multiple times per week with various different items since we received them. From water to breakfast smoothies to purees. My kids love them and think they are so fun! They would use them every single day if allowed! I absolutely love how convenient and durable they are. We have not had ANY issues with our Squeasy products at all. We have taken them to sporting events, MOPs meetings, playdates, you name it and our squeasy has probably been there, haha.

Squeasy Gear also offers a variety of other Squeasy items. Icluding a 3.5oz snacker for younger babies or smaller snacks and a 16oz Squeasy Sport for water or protein shakes or smoothies.

We are Squeasy Gear users for life and I can’t wait to order some of their Squeasy Sport bottles! I encourage you to check them out for yourself!

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