Something I Never Knew

I have been trying to find audio books for Princess to listen to during her brothers nap time. I don’t mind her playing and listening to music but I really wanted to find some books, without paying a ton of money, for her. I looked on amazon and on iTunes and couldn’t really find any books that I was comfortable with her listening to alone. I knew that Overdrive had books through my library, however I had to put them all on hold and wait for them to come available. Which meant that she may or may not have a story to listen to during her quiet time.

So I started searching online. and VOILA! I found LibriVox! LibriVox is a FREE public domain of books (so basically books written before 1923 or so as they aren’t under copywright any longer) read by volunteers around the world! So exciting! They have over 7,000 cataloged works. You can search by genre, author, title, or language. How cool is that?!

There are plenty of ways to download the audio books as well. You can download the whole book in a Zip file, use an RSS feed, subscribe through iTunes (podcast version), or download the mp4 version (for iPod and the like). We download the mp4 version. It is so easy!

Remember all the books are recorded by volunteers so quality, voice, accent, reading speed, will all be different (sometimes even in the same book). However, I have not found any problem with any of it so far. If you would like to volunteer for LibriVox, you do not need any prior experience, just the equipment. There are many others ways to volunteer as well, check it out!

Also, all books are listened to before going to the public.

Did you know about LibriVox? Was I just living in the “dark ages”? Haha

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