Top 5 Tips To Turn A Bad Day Around

Ya know those days where the kids are going crazy??? Fighting each other, the dog, even YOU! It’s just a bad day in general?

Everyone is complaining about what is to eat for breakfast. Maybe they are even complaining about the weather or the clothes they have to wear.

It’s one of those days where everyone’s attitude is less than stellar..

Homeschooling just ain’t happening…

And maybe…just maybe…you are even PMS’ing and just cranky and tired too????

I know you know what I’m talking about… I’m living it right now y’all. I know we’ve all had days like this and there are bound to be days like this again in our future. We are only human y’all.

So let me give you my top 5 tips to turn your bad day around!

5. Change Your Dialogue 

Change your wording. Stop calling it a bad day. Turn it around and say something like “things might not be going as planned but it is still a good day and I will embrace the challenges we are facing” or take a moment and list 10 things that are wonderful about your day. If your kiddos are having rough days too then get them to help you make the list or if they are old enough have them make their own. Speaking positive affirmations is another GREAT way to boost your mood and your outlook. I do this with my kiddos often. In fact, it’s something that we do on a regular basis even if we aren’t having a bad day. P.S. If you sign up for my newsletter you can grab some free printable affirmations. They are even index card size so you can take them wherever you go!

4. Find Something That Will Make You Laugh

Do you or one of your children have a book of jokes? Grab it and start reading it out loud together. If not here is one we enjoy (Laugh-Out-Loud Jokes for Kids It’s even FREE if you are Prime member here is a link Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial). Is there a YouTube video or podcast you love that makes you laugh or maybe there’s a song that lifts your spirits. Maybe there is a friend or relative you could call that could get you laughing. If none of that works…just laugh. Yup I know “what if people see or hear me just laughing for no reason?!” I don’t it anyways it will seriously help. Trust me!

3. Clear Your Schedule

Take a minute and think if maybe your family just needs a rest day. Believe me we all need these once in a while and probably more often then we even realize. We have to remember that our kids are tiny humans and haven’t learned how to properly channel and tame those big huge emotions (heck half of us adults haven’t learned that yet!). If at all possible, just clear your schedule. Cancel appointments. Stay in your P.J.’s all day. Do some yoga. Just chill. Watch movies, read, listen to music, journal. Kiddos can join you in any of those things, it just might look a little different for them.

2. Get Outside

Unless it is absolutely impossible..go outdoors. Get in nature. Feel the earth beneath your feet. Play with your kiddos or fur babies. Take a walk or a hike and get the endorphin’s pumping. Or sit on your deck with a book and soak up some vitamin d. Just getting outdoors even for a few minutes helps so much.

1. Spend Time With God 

Even if you have already get out your Bible and read it. Then spend some time in prayer, not just praying about your bad day (remember we changed our wording earlier ;p ) but spend time praying for others-your family and friends. Or Grab your kiddos Bible ( we are loving The Jesus Storybook Bible: Every Story Whispers His Name ) and read to them while they draw pictures or build Lego creations. My kiddos LOVE doing this and it always changes our moods for the better! You could also download the Abide app and listen to a few quick prayers there-I really enjoy this app, I use it quite often!


So there you have it. My top 5 tips to turn your bad day around. What are your tips for turning a bad day around?? Let me know in the comments below i’d love to add them to my “arsenal”!

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  1. Kezia says:

    Wow, I love this! This is a great list of tips. Especially #5… our words have so much power & #1… being grounded spiritually helps our mood definitely. Great content.Thanks for sharing!

  2. Joline says:

    I usually take a minute and just breathe. I find that taking a step back and detaching yourself from your bad day puts things in perspective!

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