Top 5 YouTube Channels For Moms

I love watching YouTube when I have a little downtime……which is rare but that’s why I like YT, videos are usually pretty short. There are all sorts of channels on YT from makeup channels, to DIY channels, to daily vlogs, to mommy channels.

Lately I’ve been watching a lot of mommy channels. I’m wanting to make a presence in the YT community so I figure I’m just doing my research *wink wink*

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Here are my top 5 favorite channels to watch!

1. Happily A Housewife – Samantha’s channel is great! I love watching her planner videos and her DITL (Day In The Life) videos. Her 3ChN kiddos are around the same age as mine so it’s fun to see how she runs her house. She also has a blog under the same name!

2. Ms Diaper D– Dana is awesome. Her videos always make me giggle when the kiddos pop in, because it reminds me of real life. She does reviews, has videos on cloth diapers, and so much more. She has a blog and is the creator of YouTube Mommy Meetup!

3. Jennifer RossETA: she’s a mom now and her page is still one of my favorites! She does a lot of great vids on baby gear and mom life now! I just love Jen 😊

 Ok so technically this isn’t a mommy channel…but she is one of my favorite YouTuber’s so I have to include her! I love all of her videos, especially her planner ones. This is where I first learned about Erin Condren planners! She has a lot of great videos including some great organization ones!

4. Naturally Thrifty Mom- Brittany is a mom of 3 and really tries to keep the products she uses for her family as natural as possible. She is so easy to relate to and just a joy to watch and learn from.

5. HeideKimTV– Heide is so fun to watch. She has dealt with loss and you could definitely learn a few things from her. She definitely feels like a friend and not just someone on a computer screen.


So what are your favorite YT channels? I’ll be posting some new videos on my YT soon. Why not subscribe now so you’ll be one of the first to know! Just click here


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