Top Five Podcasts for Women

I don’t know about you but I LOVE podcasts! If I’m not listening to an audiobook I’m listening to a podcast. Some of them are funny, some of them are like sitting down talking with friends, and some are more informational, some are all of the above!

I usually listen to podcasts on my iPhone but you can also listen them on your computer or tablet. All the ones I’ll be talking about today are FREE!

Without further ado…drumroll please!


1. Paleo Women Podcast

My absolute favorite podcast right now (and for a while now actually). Stefani Ruper and Noelle Tarr are the incredible gals behind this podcast. These ladies are so knowledgeable. Don’t be fooled by the name, it’s not all about being paleo. They talk about their lives and what they have going on and they also take questions from readers and answer them to the best of their abilities. They are so fun to listen and they make me laugh every. single. episode.


2.  On Air with Ella

This is another GREAT health and fitness podcast. Ella has a great personality and you can hear the passion in her voice. This show is newer to me so I haven’t had a chance to listen to too many episodes, but what I have listened to has been very informative. She has had awesome guests on the show too. Her latest one is mindset, which is something that I’ve really been working on lately (as you all know), so I can’t wait to listen!


3. The Homemaking Foundations  Podcast

This is such a wonderful and uplifting podcast! Jami Balmet of Young Wife’s Guide offers biblical advice on homemaking and all that comes with it. She is super easy to listen to and you feel like you are just sitting and chatting with a good friend. She talks about her life with 2 sets of twins under 2, cooking, cleaning, schedules/routines, and so much more. Definitely give her show a listen!


4. Daily Deslobification Blogcast

Ok, so these are really Dana’s (from A Slob Comes Clean) blog posts turned into podcasts. That’s kind of what I love about it though, it makes it a quick listen , but it’s super informative as well. Plus, Dana is hilarious. I just found her “blogcasts” recently but I’ve followed her elsewhere for a while now, and she has awesome tips on decluttering and cleaning that are actually doable.


5. Focus On The Family Daily Broadcast

I have listened to this podcast. FOR.E.VER. Seriously. Before I listened to it in podcast format I listened to the actual radio show. But since I have littles up that early and they occasionally talk about sensitive subjects I now just listen to the podcast. FOTF is a christian based company and they have some amazing resources. They’ve been around forever, I can remember my parents listening when I was younger. I’ve also visited them in Colorado Springs! They have guests that range from mommy bloggers to pastors to comedians- so much quality information and entertainment on this podcast. I honestly don’t think there’s a subject that they haven’t covered. I really recommend this to any christian. Man, woman, parent, married or single. You need these podcasts in your life.


That’s it! Those are my Top 5 Podcasts! If you have some favorite podcasts to listen to, let me know in the comments below. I love finding new ones to listen to!

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