Waterproof Bible Review


As part of the Mosaic Reviews Team I was able to review the Waterproof Bible.



The Details:

This amazing Bible is completely waterproof
Rip proof
Can be written in (ball point pen, pencil, or dry highlighter)
Multiple designs
Multiple versions
Pricing available monthly or yearly and for one or more children

Our Experience:

I must say I was a little hesitant to test this out. We did though, and it was fun.

First we tried some smoothie (thanks Mom!) by dripping some on a page, letting it sit, and trying to rub it in. NOTHING happened. It just wiped right off. NOT one single pigment was left on the page. The page wasn’t ruined, the ink wasn’t smudged. I was extremely impressed.

Then I tried to rip the page (uhh..this was so hard to do! I felt like I was going to be in so much trouble! haha), it just dented a little. I can’t even find the page I tried to do this one. Seriously, every little kid needs this Bible.

The third and last thing we tried was putting the Bible in a bucket of water. We dunked it, opened it in the water, splashed with it, everything you can imagine! The kids had a BLAST doing this one and as you can see, not a thing is wrong with this Bible now! It’s absolutely amazing.


This Bible now stays in my purse and goes everywhere with us. I love being able to have it all the time and not worry about something happening and it being ruined.

I think this would be an awesome gift for anyone, young or old. (*hint hint* Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Pastor Appreciation Day) My Grandfather is a Preacher and he would love this! Do you know how much easier it would be for him to take the Bible in the water with him and just lay it down on the water next to him, when baptizing someone?!

Go HERE to check them out.

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