When Cousins Play

Recently my sister and I instated FaceTime Thursday (I think we need to come up with a better name). Every Thursday around the same time, the kids get to FaceTime for a little while.

Some of the most hilarious things happen during our weekly FaceTime chats. Princess and RoadRunner (my middle niece who can outrun anyone, and well, is just in constant motion) decided to play hide and seek. Now you might be saying “Hide and Seek? On an iPad?” My thoughts exactly. But these kids, they are creative and determined! Here’s how it went.

Princess: RoadRunner I’ll hide and you count and find me! (Takes of running and hides)
RoadRunner: 1-2-3-4..
This is where I come in..I noticed what they were doing so I picked up the iPad and searched the basement for Princess with RoadRunner until she found her!
Then FlowerGirl (my oldest niece) did the same for them. They had a BLAST.

Even though we live so far away, these kids still know how to bond and have a relationship that some cousins who live next to each other will never have. I’m so happy that the iPad and FaceTime were invented. Such Invaluable tools for families who are far part.

Do your kids have any “games” they like to play over FaceTime or Skype? I’d love to hear!

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