Whole30 Results

I am super excited to tell y’all about my whole30 results. I went into this totally unsure of how this would go and what my results would be like. I had a list of things I wanted to improve by doing the whole30 but had no clue if it would really work or not.

Ok so lets just jump right in shall we?! Because after all you did click on this to see my results, haha. I’m just going to list them below, okie dokie?!

NSV’s (Non-Scale Victories) 

  1. clearer skin
  2. skin tone brighter/glowing skin
  3. flatter stomach/no bloat
  4. clothes fit better
  5. feel more confident
  6. more energy
  7. stable blood sugar
  8. WAY less acid reflux/heartburn
  9. happier
  10. less anxiety
  11. more patience
  12. more outgoing
  13. less stressed/handle stress better
  14. feel more in control of my food (instead of feeling like it controlled me)
  15. learned what true satiety is
  16. no binging
  17. healthier relationship with food
  18. can identify hunger vs. cravings
  19. mind feels clearer
  20. feel more productive
  21. sleep so much better
  22. wake up energized
  23. kids are picking up on eating healthier

A lot changed on the Whole30 and I learned so much about myself, food, and my relationship food. I honestly can not wait to start another Whole30 in April. I do wish I had extended this whole30 because I feel like I would have noticed these improvements getting even better and maybe even so much more. I know that doing another one will bring me even closer to where I want to be.

Ok, so I know you’ve been waiting for this part. I wasn’t sure if I even wanted to mention it because I don’t want it to be my main focus but I know that it is a big part of becoming healthy so here it is. I did lose weight. I lost 8 pounds. At first I was actually mad I didn’t lose more, but then I thought about it. I’m not doing this to just lose weight, I wan’t to be healthy-yes losing weight is a part of that but that will happen naturally as I become healthier.

So who wants to do a whole30 with me in April?? Think of all the possibilities that could come from getting out of your comfort zone! I’d love to chat with you and have another buddy to talk with during my round 2!


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