Whole30 Round 2 Day 1

So I had planned for day 1 of round 2 of this whole30 to start on May 1st. I menu planned, like…. days in advance. Had my list all made up by different stores and everything. But I didn’t get to go shopping on the day I had planned, because well…life is funny that way sometimes.

Anyways I did great up until making dinner. I was making a whole30 compliant dinner for everyone. hubby and princess were at softball practice still so it was just me and the boys. The boys were begging for the wegmans Himalayan salt popcorn that we got so i decided to let them have a handful with their dinner. That’s when it happened. I LITERALLY PUT POPCORN IN MY MOUTH WITHOUT ANY THOUGHT.

Guys….that’s crazy. That is how easily we eat mindlessly. We just do it. I mean, I really don’t even like popcorn. It gets stuck in your teeth and is annoying… My point is, it’l amazing to me how little things like that just happen and how we don’t even think about it. next thing we know we have eaten the whole darn bag! Thankfully I didn’t. when I realized it, I stopped and ate my dinner- whole30 compliant still.

So today I woke up and successfully completed day 1 of whole30 round 2. It may not have been with the greatest meals. Considering dinner was a LaraBar and an RX Bar but that’s what happens when the 2 year old prince is sick and the the princess has ball and you’re so tired and achy.

Whatevs. Day 1 is in the books y’all.

P.S. check out my kids whole30 dinner that they ate at the field tonight! Click here to head over to my insta!

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