Whole30 Week 3 and 4 In Review

Le sigh…. I kept trying to write this post for just whole30 week 3 but it just wouldn’t happen. These past 2 weeks have been…rough. Stressful. Tiring. Yet fulfilling and fun and healing all in the same.

I didn’t log all of my meals either. We were just too busy and I ate a lot of tuna or leftovers for lunch and breakfast was that or boiled eggs with veggies. Lara bars and fruit if I needed a snack and kombucha and coffee and water were my drinks. I will list out the dinners I made below.


Roast with carrots and red potatoes and sweet potatoes

Skillet chicken with cauliflower rice (found out I am not really a fan of this at all)

pork chops with green beans

pulled chicken and veggies

burgers with eggplant “buns”

shepherds pie

and a few nights was left overs or just a random combination of foods and the hubs and kids are out. Like I said crazy couple weeks and my eating habits were just…interesting. However, I did learn how to through just random stuff together and make good food. Oh and the hubs has learned how to make some BOMB compliant chicken wings! I just make my own version of compliant ranch/mayo to go with them and SO YUM!

I felt pretty good despite all the stress and everything else going on. I haven’t quite felt that tiger blood but, again…there has been a lot going on so I really didn’t expect it. Stress wrecks my body but I definitely handled it all better than normal. I guess I do have the tiger blood but in my own sense of the words. I have to remember not to compare myself to others!

I’m amazed that the 30 days is almost over! I have to plan my reintroduction! I’m also excited to write my results and progress post.

Anyone have any tips for the reintroduction?

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