Why I Won’t Blog About Parenting

Look around the internet for any length of time and I can guarantee you will find a gazillion blog posts on parenting. They will range in subject matter but one thing they (mostly) have in common is that you are doing something wrong in your parenting. Yes, I do understand that some aren’t and most of the time these women are writing from a place of love and letting others know where they have found success. And I will totally share those with you all in my newsletters! Especially a good satire one!

I know this post may not win me points or anything but that’s OK. That’s not why I’m writing it. This has been a post that has been on my heart for a LONG time.

I have ready many blog posts on different parenting tips, tricks, styles, etc. Why? Because people share them like wildfire on Facebook and other social media avenues. Also because, I totally don’t have this parenting thing down and I struggle sometimes in figuring out how to handle my strong willed children or certain situations. I’m not perfect, my children aren’t perfect, and neither is anyone else living this side of Heaven.

However, there are blog posts out there that will leave you feeling like you committed the 7 deadly sins because you need alone time, or because you told your child no, or because you yelled, or because you can’t afford (or choose not to) organic foods. These are the blog posts that frustrate me. The ones that leave you feeling worse than you did before.


That’s why I won’t write about parenting. I don’t EVER want my words to come across to someone as they aren’t parenting right. We feel that enough already.I will not use my platform to make others feel less than. I’ll leave it to the experts-ya know the ones who have actually researched and done study’s and actually know a thing or two.

I’ll keep blogging about my kids and our life and all that it entails and why we do things the way we do and ParentHOOD (because that is part of my life and different than a parenting post). But I promise you, I will never write a post telling you how to parent your children.

I urge you when you read a post about parenting to ask yourself this question…. is this post condemning me and the way I currently parent or is it showing me a way of parenting that could be beneficial to me and my family? If it’s the latter then by all means, keep reading and share away, even share it with me!

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