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Healing my Hormones and Adrenal Fatigue

When I went to the naturopath, I had a pretty long list of things I was frustrated about and wanted to fix. weight gain tired anxiety/panic attacks overwhelmed moody pms (it’s been SOOO awful) missed periods (a couple times a year) low libido constantly stressed did I mention TIRED-like bone weary exhausted, could barely get out of bed in the…

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Kindergarten Homeschool Curriculum 2019-2020

Hey Y’all! I figured for my curriculum posts this year I would go from youngest (kindergarten) to oldest (5th) and then do our family subjects last. With my planner post probably coming after that. I will also have my youtube videos linked with each post as well! So, without further ado, let’s jump right into what I am using for…

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When Life Gives You Lemons

Well, obviously my plan for blogging regularly this year did NOT happen… life has just been crazy and I didn’t make time for anything that I love to do or was a “self-care” type thing. (which blogging totally is for me) It’s very easy for me to be consumed by all the things everyone else needs from me and I…

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