Kindergarten Homeschool Curriculum 2019-2020

Hey Y’all! I figured for my curriculum posts this year I would go from youngest (kindergarten) to oldest (5th) and then do our family subjects last. With my planner post probably coming after that. I will also have my youtube videos linked with each post as well!

So, without further ado, let’s jump right into what I am using for my Kindergartner this year! He is a young k and also VERY active so we will be taking school slow with him. It was also be hugely play-based. He LOVES playing games with the big kids and learns so much just by watching them too. He loves to sit with them while they do their math, it’s so sweet.

Kindergarten Math: Horizons K                                                                                                                                                                 We used this with my daughter and she really did well with it ( it was too time consuming as the teacher for my taste so we didn’t continue on with it after K). I really thing he will like it. He’s actually already sat down and looked through it and can’t wait to start.

Language Arts: The Good & The Beautiful Level K                                                                                                                                   He loves TG&TB Primer so I have no doubt he will enjoy this. I used Teach Your Child To Read In 100 Easy Lessons and while my older children really learned to read with it, it really frustrated my oldest and it wasn’t a pleasant experience. ETA: So, since I wrote this post I changed my mind on curriculum for language arts for ALL of my kiddos. We are going to start with Teach Your Child To Read in 100 Easy Lessons and of it doesn’t work we will change plans. I’m thinking if I take a much gentler, easy going approach (which it seems comes with starting K with the 3rd kid anyways lol) then he may do well with this program.

THAT’S IT!!! Seriously! As I said above, he will be doing lots of play based activities and reading lots of good books as well. He will also be joining in, as always, for our family subjects.


What are your favorite curriculum for Kindergarten??

♥️ ~ Katrina

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