• Favorite Homeschool Items
    Everyone knows that once you become a homeschooler you have to get all the OFFICIAL homeschooler necessities, right?! Wait…you don’t know what those items are?! Oh no!! Well, don’t worry I’m here to tell you … Read more
  • Our Homeschool Routine
    For new homeschoolers (and veteran homeschoolers too!) finding a homeschool routine or rhythm can be daunting and overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be! I absolutely do not operate well on a specific TIMED schedule. … Read more
  • How To Choose A Homeschool Curriculum
    Welcome to part 2 of “How To Start Homeschooling” ! If you haven’t read that post. GO! Read it first! Then come back and read all about how to choose a homeschool curriculum! So now … Read more
  • How To Start Homeschooling
    Considering Homeschooling? Start here!
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