Women’s Probiotic Why You Need Them

Probiotics are a huge component of your gut health and even your overall health. NOW Women’s Probiotic are specifically formulated for women and their *ahem* lady parts as well as gut, immune system, and brain health.

So before I go any further. I need to address a couple things and add 2 disclaimers…because well….it’s literally the law. I received this product for free from Moms Meet (momsmeet.com) to use and post my honest opinions. Compensation for this post was provided. I will never sell my soul to get something free so please believe me when I say it’s an honest opinion.                                  Also
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Now that we have all things legal out of the way let’s get to it shall we…

As I mentioned above probiotics are super important for your health. I was previously getting my probiotics from Shakeology (read why I’m not anymore), and things like fermented foods etc. But I found that it just wasn’t enough to heal my gut right now. NOW Womens Probiotic have been a great addition to my supplements.

So what ARE probiotics?? The word probiotic actually means “for life” and they are a GOOD bacteria. Probiotics are naturally occurring in our intestinal tract, brain, and a few other places in our bodies. In a healthy person there can be up to 300 trillion probiotics in our body. Far more than there are cells!!

Why do we NEED probiotics??  Probiotics are essential to being healthy. For real, these babies have so many benefits! They affect every single part of our bodies. From affecting our mental health to fighting tumor growth/cancer to balancing our hormones and improving our digestion. They can also kill bad bacteria and improve our immune system function. Unfortunately there are many things that we do/consume (like antibiotics) that kill all this good bacteria, which is why we need to be replenishing it through cultured foods and supplements.

Why WOMENS probiotics?? NOW Womens Probitic are specially formulated for all women. It is comprised of several strains including L. rhamnosus HN001 and L. acidophilus La-14 including B. lactis HN019 and HN001. These strains not only are great for women for vaginal health (did you know that when you birth your baby they get tons of healthy bacteria as they enter the world?!) but they are also great for intestinal health-gas, bloating, etc. and of course immune system and brain health. NOW Womens Probiotic has 20 billion colony forming units (otherwise known as CFU’s) and the potency is GUARANTEED!

I have been taking the NOW Women’s Probiotic for a few weeks now and am very happy with them. I know they are definitely helping with my digestion and bloating (I barely even noticed that symptom during recent PMS!) I highly recommend these if you are looking to supplement.

You can take this quiz (opens in a new window) to find out which probiotic supplement would be best for you. (just be sure to come back and read to the end to find out about the giveaway)

NOW FOODS is a family owned company since 1968 that founded their business on the belief that everyone should have access to quality affordable health products. 50 years later and they are a leader in the natural products industry, and their mission remains the same.
Their amazing line of 1400 products, most of which are non-GMO, includes dietary supplements, health and beauty products, essential oils, healthy foods, sports nutrition, and pet supplements!

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