Welcome to part 2 of “How To Start Homeschooling” ! If you haven’t read that post. GO! Read it first! Then come back and read all about how to choose a homeschool curriculum!

So now that you have your why, you’re ready to start choosing the what. I know that this can seem SUPER overwhelming and even daunting at first, but honestly this is one of my favorite things about homeschooling! I love looking at new homeschool curriculum for each kiddo and tailoring it to not only my needs, but theirs.

The first thing I suggest is to take a “What Kind Of Homeschooler Are You” quiz! This is a great one with more information on each type. I’m a big ole mix of styles. We love to go on rabbit trails that the kids are super interested in but I also like having a math curriculum that is online (right now). I’ve definitely changed since we started 7 (what?!) years ago, and I am sure I will change even more as time goes on.

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Once you have figured out what type of homeschooler you are, we can start searching for curriculum. The best place to start IMO is Cathy Duffy’s website. She has reviews on SO MANY different types of curriculum, she is such an amazing resource. Truly. You can also head over to YouTube where many homeschool mama’s share video reviews. Ask any homeschoolers you know, what they’ve used and what they recommend.

A tip for subjects like History and Science and Bible. These can be done as a family. Everyone can gather around the table, or couch, or on the deck, WHEREVER, and you can do your lesson. TOGETHER, AS A FAMILY. I love doing these subjects this way!

Subjects like math and language arts do need to be tailored to each child. And to you. Are you amazing at math? Then you may not want a math curriculum that is online or dvd based, you might want one that has you teaching more. Do you hate language arts? Then maybe you want something more open & go. Or do you want something literature based?

Another big question you need to ask yourself is if you want something faith based or secular? There are plenty of options either way.

You can also use free options like All in One Easy Peasy Homeschool and The Good & The Beautiful has free options in their language arts for 1st through 5th grade as well. There are many others as well.

To see what we are using this year CLICK HERE

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